David Lipsig, MD Board Certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry
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David Lipsig, MD Board Certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry


My treatment centers on the Doctor-Patient Relationship. Over time, this dynamic relationship should be nurtured and protected in order to foster a productive and successful outcome. I am devoted to achieving this with all my patients, using my compassion, knowledge and experience.

Today, in a healthcare environment that is rapidly changing, insurance companies and other entities insert themselves into the doctor-patient relationship. Helping people is why I became a doctor, and I believe that it is hard to help someone if you have not taken the time to know them. I understand and respect the courage it requires to walk into a doctor's office and discuss personal matters. I will never take this trust for granted. By establishing a strong, trusting relationship with my patients, I am able to determine the best course of treatment.

My goal with every patient is to provide the most effective treatment possible in order to successfully achieve short and long term goals. Toward that end, I am committed to fine-tuning and building on my therapeutic knowledge and skill in order to best help my patients. In addition to having extensive experience and skill in psychopharmacology, I also have expertise in several forms of psychotherapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Insight Oriented therapy, Exposure Response Prevention, Supportive Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) or mindfulness therapy, etc. Having expertise in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy enables me to provide my patients more options for treatment in order to achieve their desired outcome.

Each mind is different and requires a treatment plan that might change from time to time. Together, we will assess what is working and what is not. This allows us to view the treatment plan as a dynamic process that can be adjusted in order to achieve the desired outcome. There are many reasons people come to see me, and I consider all of them valuable opportunities to learn, improve and grow.

Treatment could take the form of seeing me for therapy alone, therapy with medication management or medication management alone. If a patient is also working in conjunction with a psychologist or therapist, I will communicate with them (with the patient's consent) to form a coordinated treatment team.